Plan your team's shift schedule with our calculator or create fixed and rotating schedule templates.

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The keys to a good shift planning system


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Flexible and adaptable

How does our shift planning tool work?

Generate schedules with our shift calculator

You can use the shift calculator to generate a customized fixed or rotating shift pattern. All you have to do is indicate your staffing needs per shift or day and we will generate a pattern for you. Moreover, all this taking into account the legal or contractual restrictions that you have configured at team level. You can also calculate different scenarios and save them to apply them as you see fit.


Create schedule templates with our shift patterns or import them via Excel

Shift patterns are both fixed and rotating sequences of shifts and breaks. You can import or create your templates into our system and apply them to the corresponding workers. In addition, you can check the legal and personal restrictions of each employee before applying the chosen shift pattern.

Insert shifts directly from the grid

To cover absences or vacations, or simply for specific moments where you need to insert a shift directly to one or more workers, you can go to the shift schedule. From this screen we will recommend you the most suitable person for the shift according to whether they meet the restrictions, their specialties, their location, etc. This way you don't have to worry about inserting shifts to the wrong people or bypassing any legal or personal restrictions.


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Vacations and absences

Employees can make leave and vacation requests in the system. These requests can be validated by administrators with the option to always find a suitable replacement.

Payroll concepts

Export planning data to payroll to automate payments in your payroll tool, automate this process to avoid errors.

Task management

Once the schedule of your workers is done, assign tasks manually or automatically according to the skills of each worker.

aTurnos is a complete Employee Planning and Management solution.

Do you have complex scheduling needs and need to automatically plan your employees' shifts?

Discover our Automatic Planning module. Forget about reviewing individual employee restrictions such as working hours or maximum weekly hours. Indicate your work demand and in one click our advanced scheduling algorithms will generate the most optimal shift distribution.

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