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Plan all services and workers of your hotel in a personalized way in a single application and manage their day by day


Shift planning .

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Add workers to the system, create shift patterns and generate your ideal shift schedule, give access to your team´s workers and manage the day to day.

Daily record of the day .

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File from fingerprint devices, card, from your mobile, from a pc, a tablet, different options all linked to your schedule and your planning.

Mobile Application .

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From the aTurnos App you will have in your hand all the necessary functionalities for both the team administrator and the workers.

Vacation request and management

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Workers can request their vacations, you can validate their request and the system gives you the option of covering those vacations with other colleagues.

Management of changes between colleagues Management of changes between colleagues

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Workers can request changes from each other, and the administrator can approve or deny those changes.

Control of absences and hours Monitoring of absences and hours

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Report on absences and manage your workers´ leave. Control excess working hours.


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