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Legiscación Laboral

Can the payroll variables be exported in shifts?

Of course it is. This is one of the questions that clients usually ask us, some are the first they ask us and in other cases at the end when they contact us.

Obviously all the information on shifts, hours, absences (which are discounted for the payment of the transport or assistance bonus, for example) can be exported to a csv file that will make up the variables of the month. This process, in principle manual, can be automated through the api (LINK TO API)

Create the concepts with which we are going to retrieve or calculate the payroll variables, in shift terminology, we have to define the calculation concepts.

Create a payroll template according to the specifications of your payroll software for importing variables. In the template you can also define fixed values '€‹'€‹for the calculation (we will see an example later) with which we can operate.

  1. Define the variables to be exported , that is, not all the defined calculation concepts have to be imported.
  2. Finally, define the behavior in the execution of the process, that is, if any prior validation is required before exporting and / or if once exported, the information will be allowed to be exported again. The usual thing is that it is not allowed, if a worker is terminated, the normal thing is that it does not appear again in the payroll file (it depends on the software).
  3. Define the variables to be exported, that is, not all the defined calculation concepts have to be imported, many are used as operators or for reports, we can tell you exactly what has to go to the payroll software.
  4. Once the schedule has been planned and the operational adjustments have been made, the variables are automatically downloaded in a file prepared for downloading or through the API with our payroll system. This process can be performed by supervisors, human resources or management as the process is defined.

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